Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EVE Essays Introduction

Hi there. I'm just a guy who once tried to convince a good friend to switch from playing World of Warcraft to EVE Online. Our schedules didn't allow us to fly together much, so I ended up writing him a series of relatively extensive e-mails giving advice and pointers for making the most of New Eden as a new pilot. I focused mainly on those aspects of gameplay that are addressed insufficiently or not at all in the tutorials. I've since realized that some of these little essays might be of use to other players as well.

Disclaimer: EVE Online is a constantly evolving game. These missives date back to the summer of 2009. I've done what I can to make sure that they are still relevant to the game as it stands today, but make no promises. Also, I don't make any claim to being an expert, or even a particularly competent player. Just someone who loves the game and wants to help others love it as well.

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